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How Saliva Keeps Your Mouth Healthy


Saliva is a clear liquid produced by several glands within your mouth. It is mostly composed of water. Saliva is produced when you chew. The harder you chew, the more saliva you generate. Saliva is an essential component of a healthy body. As a matter of fact, saliva contains vital substances that your body requires in order to digest the food you eat as well as keep your teeth strong. You can think of saliva as a climate-control system, a powerful food dissolver and useful digestive aid. Here are some of the ways that saliva ensures that your mouth stays healthy.


Prevent Dry Mouth


As people age, they also produce less saliva. This is referred to as a dry mouth, or, in scientific terms, xerostomia. Some symptoms of dry mouth are: the uncomfortable feeling where your tongue feels swollen, when it's tough to swallow and it seem like you are forcibly pushing spit down your throat. More than being a slight nuisance, dry mouth can lead to the growth of more germs because bacteria typically grow in abundance when saliva is scarce. This is why offensive breath generally comes with dry mouth, and also why the risk of gum disease, cavities and tooth decay is increased. If you are experiencing symptoms of dry mouth, make sure that you consult your dentist deerfiled il.


Protection from Diseases


Saliva is beneficial for various reasons. Research has found that it helps protect against gum disease and tooth decay. Your teeth are covered with a thin film of saliva that helps protect it from bacteria. There are antimicrobial agents in saliva that are crucial in bacteria-killing. Saliva also keeps your mouth clean. It rinses food particles away and rebalances the pH level in your mouth whenever you eat.


Digestion Aid


Saliva has powerful compounds that dissolve food as you eat and makes certain that food can be digested easily. As saliva moves around the mouth, it sweep away minuscule bits of food that could lead to tooth decay. Saliva also contains minerals that aids in rebuilding the enamel surfaces of teeth. Saliva is important to neutralize acids that break down tooth enamel in the mouth during and after eating.  Saliva also contains an enzyme named amylase which helps starches begin to break down in your mouth. It is also essential in helping you swallow food by making it wet and soft so it can go down your throat easier. Know about dentist deerfiled il here!